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The Opal Coast

This breath taking coastline has surprises around every corner from its fabulous expanse of sandy beaches to bustling towns full of that certain je ne sais quoi. It’s great for sport too with year round sailing and windsurfing and packed full of history from Roman times and wartime occupation right up to the modern day. And best of all you haven’t got to travel far, with all the sights within an hour of Calais. It’s the perfect destination for your group to discover France. It’s on your doorstep. Come stay with us and start exploring today.


This city dates back to Roman times when, as Nemacatum, it became a centre for the cloth industry. It remains in fashion to this day with the Montee au Beffroi, a 53 metre belfry listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, offering the best view for miles around.

Close to Arras you will find Les Boves. This quarry has supplied stone for the historic city since the 10th century. Over 24,000 British soldiers fighting on the Western Front were also stationed here during the First World War.


This family friendly holiday resort looks to the sky each Easter when it hosts its annual festival of kite flying. The best way to get around is on board the Petit train. It takes in all the sights from the 1950s built lighthouse to the Bay of Authrie


As the largest fishing port in France this is the most delicious place to come if you like sea-food with restaurants galore. You can even take your group on a tour of Capecure, the commercial port. This bustling city celebrates its 2,000th birthday in 2015 so a great year to go. The maze like crypt of the Notre-Dame Basilica and Nausicaa sea life centre are among the highlights of a visit. Nausicaa is much more than an aquarium. This renowned sea life centre on Boulevard Sainte Beuve is helping to build a greater understanding of the oceans and man’s impact upon them.


This is the nearest resort to the centre, a charming place to visit with nearly eight miles of unspoilt sandy beaches to explore. It’s a mecca for wind sport enthusiasts with year round sailing, kite flying, canoeing, windsurfing and sand yachting. Aviation pioneer Louis Bleriot once lived here.The Centre Culturel de L’Entente Cordiale opened its doors inside the Chateau d’Hardelot in June 2009. It uses music, the arts, film, literature and history to celebrate links between France and England. The gardens are set out with a mixture of French and English styles.

St Omer

This beautifully preserved medieval town, surrounded by water, is a real gem. Its eclectic cathedral, Notre Dame, took three centuries to complete and is widely recognised as one of the great examples of gothic architecture outside Paris. A gigantic wartime bunker, La Coupole, was originally built by Nazi Germany in 1944 as a launch and storage site for V2 rockets, and is now home to a history centre and planetarium. Today the gigantic bunker has been transformed into a history and memory centre recalling the wartime occupation of Northern France. Visiting groups can also experience a thrilling journey in space at the planetarium.

St Venant

The Parc et Jardin du Manoir de la Peylouse is a garden tribute to the English wartime poet Siegfried Sassoon, who was treated in the town’s hospital after being wounded in the trenches. An orangery on the site also hosts arts shows and exhibitions.

Le Touquet

This popular and chic seaside resort has been the go-to place on the Opal Coast since the middle of the 19th century. The beach is great for both sport activities and leisure of a more relaxed nature. In nearby Etaples discover the work of today’s fishermen at Maréis, the sea fishing discovery centre.


Napolean had his eyes fixed on England when stationed here, contemplating conquest. It’s no surprise he chose this spot; on a clear day you can see right across to the White Cliffs of Dover. Today this charming town is better known for its delightful promenade, sport activities and pretty beach huts.

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