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Excursions in the area

Becasuc sweet factory

Visit a sweet factory and see first-hand how sweets are made and packaged at the factory. Tour and demonstration lasts 45 mins to an hour. Bescaus website

Les Marchès

There are many local markets in the area. For the ultimate French Immersion experience. For example in: Etaples, Boulogne, Montreuil and Le Touquet

Contact us for up-to-date times.

Succès Berckois

Visit an authentic bonbons confiseur, with explanations of the history of sugar from Egypt until today, demonstration on how to twist the melted sugar and how to create tordu bonbons durs et des sucettes. The visit lasts around 1 hour. Succès-Berckois website

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Nausicaa Sea Life Centre

More than just a simple aquarium, Nausicaá National Sea Centre, is the largest European complex entirely devoted to the universe of marine life. Nausicaá offers an entertaining, educational and scientific visit, raising public awareness about the need to act responsibly towards the world’s seas if their resources and beauty are to be maintained.

Let yourself be astounded by the immense variety of the sea life:

5000m² exposition space. Nausicaa website

36000 living creatures

1000 different species housed in 4.5 million litres of water which is dispersed into 50 aquariums, large tanks and terrariums.

Nausicaá, take a plunge to discover the diversity of the marine life.

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La Coupole

Explore a huge secret underground base built in 1944 by the Germans in Saint-Omer, where you can visit several historical and scientific exhibitions on the second world war. The base is made up of underground tunnels, a 72m wide dome and the “polygon”, the V2 missiles launching room. A 3D planetarium is now open, with its own opening times. La Coupole website

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Swimming pool and ice rink in Saint-Martin Boulogne.

Helicea website

Goat Cheese Farm

Visit a goat cheese farm and see how goat’s cheese is made and taste the cheeses at the end of the visit. The children will even get the chance to milk the goats!

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La Ferme Aux Escargots

Visit a real snail farm, with guided tour of the farm, video explaining everything and tasting. Tours last for 1hr 30 minutes.

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Eperlecques Bunker

Visit the largest bunker in the north of France and learn everything about its history and the role it played during WW2. The first V1 and V2 rocket launch pad. Tour lasts around 90 minutes. Eperlecques Bunker website

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Chocolaterie de Beussent

Visit to a chocolate factory, with explanations and demonstrations of the various production techniques, learn about the history of cocoa, its crops and the work on cocoa beans, and then tasting. Tour lasts around 45minutes.

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Chateau d’Hardelot

Visit this magnificent castle and its surroundings. Then go on a walk into its landscapes and swamp. Various events are organised at the castle. Chateau d’Hardelot

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Corn weaving workshop

Discover the traditional activity of wheat weaving, and learn about the origins of various harvest bouquets. Watch demonstrations of different weaving techniques.

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La visite de la Boulangerie

Visit a local bakery and experience a real French Boulangerie! See how typical French bread and croissants are made.

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Parc d’Attraction

Bagatelle is a huge amusement park located along the sea shore, in Merlimont. There are more than 26 acres and 31 different rides for the younger ones and the young at heart. Parc d’Attraction website

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Agincourt Museum

Museum of the Battle of Agincourt (1415), one of the most terrible battles of the One Hundred Years War between France and England. The museum also shows you the everyday and military life at the end of the Middle-Ages. Guided tour takes 1 hour

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Wartime Museum

The Musee Historique de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale in Ambleteuse will transport your group back to WW2, providing a fascinating insight into life for people living under wartime occupation. It is full of memorabilia from the time, news footage and personal testimony. Wartime Museum website

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